The Mysterious Location of Kyrgyzstan, Satellite Press, 2016, a new collection of poems, available as an e-book and paperback.

Short Films of two poems

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Winner of the 2013 IPPY Gold Medal for best fiction in the Midwest

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Tom Connor's Gift, Winner of the 2015 IPPY Gold Medal for best fiction in the Mountain West

“David Allan Cates’s Tom Connor’s Gift is extraordinary. The prose is ravishing, the characters are surprising and irresistible, and many of its scenes are so intensely moving that they bring tears of gratitude and pleasure. The book praises long marriage and long friendship, but what I especially appreciate about its vision is how sexually liberating it is for both men and women. Cates is a fierce and fearless writer! One finishes this novel feeling wiser, more alive, and spiritually refreshed.”
­— David Huddle

“Sadness and madness, grief and delirium. Tom Connor’s Gift delivers us precious monsters: our first true love and our true lasting love. Coursing between anecdote and musing, this is a novel only grownups can understand. It is smart and ecstatic and will break your goddamn heart.”
­— Bryan Di Salvatore

"Well, thank you Mr Cates. I must have read thousands of books by now and novels as superbly structured and written as this are truly rare. The last book I read that drew me into its characters as deeply as yours did was Your Face Tomorrow by Javier Marias. To those yet to read this book (Tom Connor's Gift) let me urge you to rush out and get hold of a copy. Part of the book consists of letters written by Tom Connor, Janine's first love. These letters are simply wonderful for their language, their descriptive flow and above all for the incredibly deep perception they convey about love and life. To quote Jeanine " Tom's sentences are like a balm on my body, or something strange in the air. I feel as if I'm absorbing their cadence and moving through a new medium - swimming rather than walking" Stunning prose. Prepare to be deeply moved by it..... Do me and yourself a favour by buying two copies. The friend you give one to will love it also!"
— Nigel Masterton

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Freeman Walker


"Although it moves like a historical thriller, Freeman Walker is really a meditation on freedom." - Missoulian

"When I was a boy I had little interest in freedom, but my father did, so when I was seven years old he freed me, and I was sent across the sea with a change of clothing in a little black maw and a rolled-up copy of the Declaration of Independence that I could not read....."

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Hunger in America -- 20th ANNIVERSARY EDITION!


"Outside Jack's cab, lives may be troubled and constricted, sad or crazed or injudicious--blighted by "the horror of lost hopes"--but they're terribly moving and entirely convincing . . . This is a fine . . work of fiction by a serious and very gifted writer."

--The New York Times Book Review

The 20th Anniversary Edition of this New York Times Notable book is available on Amazon. E-books available on Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords.

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X Out of Wonderland


Satire can be heartfelt, and this slim modern saga descended from Lewis Carroll and Jonathan Swift, among others, speaks as kindly as it does bitingly about the cruel vagaries that bedevil the lives of the residents of Wonderland, a country eerily reminiscent of our own. --Joyce Brusin

"Not long ago, in the belly of a big-bellied land called Wonderland, there lived a young man who, in order to protect from unwanted commercial solicitations, we'll simply call X..."

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