What we all want

Inside all day. Rosalie’s gone
to monastery. On most mornings yellow
makes the air look new but today
it’s thunder gray, Packers on the radio, and cold
blows in the open doors that look out
over the old city. Ate chicken
and ji-tomate for lunch. (Who knew?
Turns out the pendejo Spanish stole
the fruit and changed the name.) Finished
Gone with the Wind and can’t believe
I care about stupid, selfish, evil
Scarlet but I do. I want Rhett to love
her again. I want Mellie and Bonnie
alive. I want somebody to care. I want
what’s done to be undone. I want kindness
and no regrets. I don’t like the insane.
I want the bad calls reversed. I want
all the perfumes of Arabia to sweeten
Lady Macbeth’s bloody hands. I want the spot
out, too. I want it gone. Don’t you?